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CO. A.S.S.I.S.T.© Program

The Community Active Shooter Survivability Improvement Strategy & Training (Co. A.S.S.I.S.T©) Program is an online self-paced course designed to educate and train civilians on nationally developed response strategies that will increase victim survivability during an Active Shooter Event. Our program incorporates preparedness and response strategies.

What’s included?

14 Videos
6 Quizzes
14 Presentations
2.0 hrs

Bleeding Control Techniques

The Bleeding Control Techniques – M.A.R.C.H course is an online self-paced course designed to educate and train civilians on nationally developed bleeding control training and skills. Our program incorporates the training and treatment of life threatening bleeding injuries by using the following prioritized sequence of treatment: Massive Hemorrhage, Airway Management, Respiration, Circulation, and Head Injury / Hypothermia - M.A.R.C.H.

What’s included?

9 Videos
2 Quizzes
7 Presentations
2.0 hrs

* Program is a licensed and registered participant with the U.S. Department of Defense.


What others have been saying about this course

Marilia Van Keeken

Miami Dade County Healthcare Preparedness Coalition - Great approach!

This comprehensive course on active shooter survivability and bleeding control has some great information. Having sat through an in-person training and gone through the basic program, I must say that I like the flexibility the online course provides. You can go through the modules at your own speed, stop if you get interrupted and resume at a later time. The videos are high quality and the information is straight to the point. A hands on practicum is included and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I received a lot of positive feedback from coalition members that loved the training and instructors' approach. The virtual course would be a good way to train any organization with employees or members with limited "free time" or trouble letting big groups step away from the workplace.

Gabriel Ciuculin

ABB Inc. Active shooter Video Training Review

Very well presented videos, good representation of real situation and clear explanations. I would like to see more of them, very educational. I suggest to offer periodical refresh classes as never used (hopefully) skills wears out. Well done!

Kaori Tanaka

A state of the art program!

I am an emergency medicine and tactical physician who treats victims of traumatic injuries as part of my daily job. Too often many victims are unassisted by the public and must wait for professional EMS providers for any medical assistance. Some will suffer life-long complications due to the delay in care on scene. While one may think that waiting seconds or minutes for help will do no harm, traumatic injuries need to be identified and treated immediately for the best possible outcome. The CoASSIST Program offers a one of a kind opportunity to the community to learn basic medical skills that can save a life. Once completing the program, each participant will have gained the knowledge and competence to respond in an active shooter or traumatic situation and assist the victim with basic medical techniques. Through lectures, videos and hands-on participation, this program will have any non-medical person armed with the knowledge and tools to potentially save a life. I recommend this program to any community, school or corporate entity looking to empower each individual to be prepared for any traumatic/active shooter event. "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Renato Lajara

Innovation at its Finest!

I have been in education for the last 16 years and 11 of those years serving as a principal. I have never been exposed to such a well structured program. As educators we always look for the best teaching strategies to help our children learn. This program does it all! Not only was the instructional part easy to follow, but the videos and visuals provided helped me grasp the concepts a lot easier. This program is definitely needed in all schools and school districts to ensure that if anything traumatic ever happens, we will be ready to save as many lives a possible. As I learned throughout the course, "Every Second Makes A Difference!" Thank you for being ahead of the game and providing such an amazing course! Dr. Renato M. Lajara Principal Kensington High School Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Lupari

Kudos BlueSpear for a Job Well-done!

BlueSpear Solutions does an excellent review of basic human anatomy along with life-saving bleeding control maneuvers that is essential for victim survivability in emergency settings, such as active shooting events. The information presented throughout this course is easy to follow for civilians, but is comprehensive for medical professionals. As a highly trained Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and EMT- Paramedic, I was enthusiastic to review the presented training courses. As a nursing professional, I understand first hand that the education provided in this course will most definitely save lives and limit casualties when violent attacks are carried out on our fellow citizens. Bleeding control and airway management skills are two of the most basic skills each of us can learn to help others in crisis. The impact we can make to save another person in distress is well worth your time and effort to review the material presented. I highly recommend these courses, as well as the Blue Spear Advanced Bleeding Control Kits to all civilians. Preparedness is KEY to saving a life. Each day, I surely hope that I will never have to use my training and skills in such a setting, but I am now better prepared to intervene and ACT should I, or my family be face to face with an active shooter or other emergency events. More so, this training should be mandatory for each Drivers License candidate. We can ALL make a difference! Great job BlueSpear!!!

Roddney Hackstall

Great training videos!

I'm a 20 year Army combat tested and proven veteran with extensive first aid, emergency aid, and combat related trauma injury treatment training, and I was really impressed by the professionalism and accuracy of these training videos. I shared the information I learned with several colleagues and they all agree! Great job and thanks for putting this valuable training all in one place for us to learn and prepare conveniently at a fraction of the industry standard cost.

Janice Bator

Teaching essential life saving skills anyone can benefit from

This strategy and training program is very informative, with hands on demonstrations, clear and concise instruction, for not only a beginner but also experienced first responders. This course clearly has great tactics to not only to improve shooter survivability but also introduces key concepts such as keeping hands free... which is priceless in any life or death situation. I would highly recommend this training to anyone. In today's times, you never know when all that stands between death and survival could be the skills and knowledge you gain from this program. I know I would rather be armed with the tools and techniques and be able to save a life, my families' lives, or even my own.

Edward Phaeton

THIS is what we need!

You hate to think that you would need these skills at some point in your life, but will be so grateful to have them if needed. The course is very detailed and easy to understand. You can tell that the instructors know what they're talking about and do a very good job at making it easy to understand. I have no doubt that this course will save lives! This is a must.